Install & Service

Data Center Design

Are you working to build your Data Center? TechniCali will provide you with the necessary tools to properly design and avoid potential design flaws. Contact us today with all of the details that you have so that we can begin planning as early as possible!

Networking Equipment

The most important part of any network is the routers and switches, especially when there is VoIP which is less fault tolerant than data! For example, if your e-mail takes an extra second to load, you probably won’t notice, but if you are in the middle of a call with an important client and the call is lost for a second, you will most certainly notice!

Technology Room Organization

Having an IT Room or Phone Room that is not organized is asking for problems! Just because it works, that does not mean that it won’t stop working. The longer it takes to dig through a mess to reach the problem, the more it will cost your business!

Also, one of the major causes of problems are tangled cables. As someone pulls on one cable, another cable becomes loose, causing a variety of issues. Don’t let that happen to you!

Phone System Services (PBX)

TechniCali can provide a variety of services for legacy PBX systems, IP Phone Systems, and Cloud Phone Systems. Depending on your system, you may simply need a software update to be on the “latest and greatest” platform! Call us today to find out!

Infrastructure Cabling

One of the most important parts of your communication setup is your cabling infrastructure. Poor cabling can lead to data loss or interruption. This will be even worse when using VoIP services!

Also, if a proper plan is not setup and cables are not run to the necessary locations, it can cause downtime, or extreme costs to rectify.

Contact us today so that we can plan a proper cable infrastructure or make additions or improvements to your existing setup.

Backup and Disaster Recovery
Can you afford downtime? Wouldn’t you rather prevent it? Do you have backup internet? Do you have proper data backups? Do you have server backups? TechniCali works with a variety of vendors and products to ensure that your technology is up and running 24/7. Please contact us to arrange for an appointment with a TechniCali representative.